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Posted on: 2005.12.11 - 20:58:42
Registered user

ok just so we can round everything out how about max sets for gcleric and ecleric i know you dont see many cleric heros now adays but i think it woud still be nice to know what eq to look for if one decided to go cleric hero

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Posted on: 2005.12.16 - 02:58:59
Registered user

My current Good Cleric set is the following, it cost me around 80mil plus picks. Most of it can be updated but it’s not easy finding new eq that isn’t in bad condition.

32/23 a bloodied figurine
31/24 a blue sapphire ring
32/26 a bloodstone ring
45/-2srod a mithril, chainmail shirt
35/23 a delicate circlet of flowers
49 silver leggings
35 dragon skin boots
30/20 the golden chainmail gauntlets of a Vigilant guardsman
32/20 the legendary crystal sleeves
45 a balrog skin shroud
27/30 a sash of golden fleece
30/50 a brass and copper dragonhide bracer
37/-3 a diamond bracelet of devotion
60 a war mattock
45/-2 a glass shield filled with swirling pink mist
40/40 an ankh made from brass and copper dragonhide

447hp 449mana (base)
330hp 100mana -2ss (don + 30hp clan)

1300hp 887mana -7ss -2srod

Evil Cleric cleric baseish is something like the following. Keep in mind firediamonds/bloodstone/leggings/etc are half-det and i’ve never been ecleric so the eq might be of. Generally you can add +10 hp/mana to each tweaking item to figure maxish, unless you can afford more.

30/-1 Darkfire
30/30 Firediamond x2
25/25 Jacket
35/-2 Chromatic
20/30 HL leggings
20/20 Inspiration
55 Vecna
20/20 Conjurer
24/24 Mantle
20/20 Sash
18/18 Cilu x2
30 Mace
35 Shadows
40/40 Bloodstone

450hp 450mana (base)
360hp 100mana -2ss (don + 60hp clan)

1205hp 880mana -5ss

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